Amstel - Outdoor branding
Products: Tepee Tent, Custom-Shape inflatable and illuminated can.
FANTA - Oudoor branding, customer-experience, engagment activation.
Products: Custom-shape inflatable can with climbing routes.
Cosmote TV - Indoor & outdoor branding.
Products: Vario textile walls, illuminated signs, promotional outfits, banners, outdoor fitting.
Stoiximan - Outdoor & indoor branding.
Products & Services: Inflatable tents, inflatable arch, inflatable furniture, stages, design, digital application, promotional gifts, banners, stickers.
HAVANA CLUB - Outdoor branding.
Products: Tailor-made inflatable & illuminated bottle, beachflags.
American Eagle - Shop-In-Shop fitting.
Products: Tailor-made exhibition portable system.
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