FLOWER – a symbiose of the design and a technology

DESIGN – Unique design of the FLOWER event dome inspired by nature is bringing new emotions to conservative world of event stands. Different in all aspects, providing positive energy to people inside with asymmetric shape and always fresh air inside. Each petal is an independent part of the structure, different size, moving its own way in a strong wind, similar to the real flower.

HANDLING – Each size variant of the FLOWER is transportable in Van. Depending on its size, team of 3 to 6 people can completely build it up within 3 to 5 hours, depending on terrain and personal experience.

TECHNOLOGY – The FLOWER is a combination of three materials. The shape of petals is guaranteed by patented system of high pressure pneumatic tubes, inflated to nominal pressure 2,0 bar (10x more as standard pneumatic structures). The tension of petal membranes is done with FR certified, high tech Bedouinflex PU stretch membrane. The weight of whole stand is given by using of steel components for central pole and perimetre plates in a combination with water ballast bags.

WEATHER RESISTANCE – The FLOWER is certified according to Eurocode norm for wind up to 28 m/s (100 km/h). In a case of thunderstorm or strong wind, the sleeve of central pole can be retracted down to decrease total height of whole structure by 1,3m. Water floating to the center of stand is drained through central gutter. Optional triangle shades around the perimeter are protecting the inside area against water, as well as, giving more shade, increasing efficient size of of the dome by 15%.

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