INFLATABLE SEAT for individuals or groups

Standard set of solid table and chairs will not easily fit into a standard sized vehicle. If you are organizing a fair or small event and need even more seating, the AXION Seat can solve this problem easily.


You can choose from different kinds – YOU seat and OMEGA seat or PUFF. YOU or OMEGA are “donut” type seats designed for more seating to be paired with tables. OMEGA fits to the special round fiberglass stackable table or the BONGO table and offers comfortable seating for up to 4 people. YOU seat is designed to fit to the aluminium foldable pop-up table, offering seating for up to 5 people. PUFF is a comfortable individual seat for 1 person, offering a patented combination of air and polystyrol for cushioning in a soft version, or the budget hard version. All types of seats can be printed in full color dye sublimation upon demand.

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