TABLE BISTRO, BONGO & COFFEE simple and reliable inflatable table for each event


A sand-glass shaped inflatable tables are great to be used as solitaire, or to be combined with the Omega inflatable seat. When folded, it is only a disc of 80cm diameter and 12cm height, weight of the bag is 14kg. Just after a minute you will get a perfect promotion or catering table. Whole inflatable body is air sealed, no permanent fan is needed after inflation. When table is well pressurized, it is as stable as no other table on the market. Optional steel ballast plate is available for outdoor events, while an internal LED illumination creates a special atmosphere while highlighting your logo printed on the body. AXION Table is a simple and reliable product for each event.
There are three models available – model BISTRO & COFFEE is 110cm high (good for standing catering), model BONGO is 72cm high (good for use in a combination with Omega seat).

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