The Tokinomo Device

The simplest way to describe the Tokinomo device is that it is essentially a uniquely designed robotic arm, holding a product that surprises consumers!

The Tokinomo device is activated via a motion sensor, making your product “pop out” from the shelf in the most eye-catching and memorable way.



All the below can be customized via our Mobile App / data recorded in web-based Cloud.


Motion Sensor activates the device when a shopper passes by.


Voice, music or both, automatically synchronized with motion. Alternance of audio tracks / Multi-messaging possible.


Customization of various speeds. Time-delay management between each activation.


A LED light makes the product stand out even more.


Analytical reports measuring each device’s activations & recorded traffic, by campaign, date and time.

Why Tokinomo?

Brand Awareness & Recall
Non-stop promoter, no breaks or poor performance
200% sales increase on average!

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